Support Services

 I offer a variety of professional services personalized for each client throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

Labor Support

As your labor doula, I'll provide:

  • 2 pre-natal visits 

  • 24/7 phone, text and email contact for any of your birth related questions or support needed. 

  • On-call time starts from week 37 of your pregnancy until the birth of your baby.

  • Strategies and suggestions help you cope with the physical, mental and emotional needs of labor and birth (medicated, unmedicated, vaginal or cesarean.) 

  •  Physical labor support including massage, counter pressure suggesting labor positions

  • Suggestions for your partner on how to participate or support as well as allowing them to rest. 

Postpartum Support

As your postpartum doula, I’ll provide:

  • Emotional and Physical support 

  • Feeding support (breast or bottle) 

  • Day/night infant care

  • Basic household chores and meal prep

  • Light pet care 

  • Sibling care

  • Running Errands

  • Connecting you to local resources

  • Information on postpartum mood disorders​

Child Birth Education

I offer private child birth education classes in person, virtually, or a combination of both-- on a schedule to best fit your needs. These classes focus on the integration of both body and mind. 

 In these classes you will learn about topics including:

- Preparing your body and mind for birth

- The stages of labor and potential interventions

- Your birth preferences and developing intentions

- Comfort measures and positions in labor

- Breathing techniques 

- Postpartum and baby care so you can make informed choices and decisions to best suit your family. 

I want you to go into birth feeling confident and empowered to make your own decisions to best suit the needs of your family. 


Reiki helps to balance the bodys energy and is a lovely supplement to aid in your  physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. Reiki raises the vibratory level in and around the physical body where thoughts and feelings are attached. Reiki is received through gentle touch and sessions also may include the use of crystals, mantras, and talking. People report leaving reiki sessions with loving feelings of well-being. 

Reiki guides itself with its own wisdom and those who are open to healing will receive the benefits of exactly what they need. If you would like to learn more about how reiki can help you with your personal healing, reach out for a free consultation. 


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